ACCESS Investment Management

Hong Kong, 30th May 2018 – Access Investment Management (H.K.) Limited 「安信投資管理(香港)有限公司」(“AIMHK” or the “Company”) received enquiries from the public and realised that there have been several fraud cases that the fraudsters claim to represent the Company and ask the victims to remit money into a personal account for investment with the Company. Cases have been reported from the U.K., Singapore and China.
The Company would like to alert and remind all customers and the public that our Company does not have any representative offices outside Hong Kong. The only representative office is at 21/F, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.
Access Investment Management (H.K.) Limited hereby declare we are licensed under the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong and,the names and licensed numbers of our licensed staff are accessible on the website of SFC ( Should you feel suspicious about the identity of any intermediaries who promote products or services on behalf of the Company, please contact our Compliance Department at 2841 7072 or for enquiries.
Members of the public who suspect that they are the victims of fraudulent acts, please contact and report the incident to the local police immediately for follow-up actions and investigations.
Note: In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

香港,2018年 05 月 30 日 – 安信投資管理(香港)有限公司(「本行」)籲請客戶及公眾人士注意,本行最近接獲數宗分別來自英國 新加坡和中國大陸的査詢,騙徒謊稱以投資為目的, 用本行的名義要求受害人將投資資金轉移到騙徒的個人賬戶。
本行呼籲客戶及公眾人士提高警覺,本行在中國香港特別行政區之外並沒有設立任何辦事處。 本行註冊地址為香港中環皇后大道中三十一號陸海通大廈二十一樓。 本行在此特向各位客戶及公眾人提示, 本行為證券及期貨事務監察委員會(「證監會」)持牌法團,持牌人及註冊機構的公眾紀錄冊可於證監會網頁 ( 査詢。
客戶及公眾人士若對任何與該本行提供的産品及服務存疑,應致電本行合規部 (852) 2841 7072戓透過電郵 核實査詢。 如任何人士曾向騙徒提供任何個人資料,或曾透過類似渠道進行任何交易,應立即向當地警方報案以作調查,並致電本行合規部 (852) 2841 7072,以便跟進。
注 : 中文版本與英文版本如有差異,應以英文版本為準。